You can know your fixed cost of  your first date by having it in one of our STYLISH OFFICES instead of at a restaurant or cafe..The personal introduction fee to be introduced to a lady in our office, restaurant or cafe is $100.00.If you wish to be introduced to a lady in our office and have your first date there the introduction fee is $160.00.With being introduced in our office and having your first date there you will know your FIXED COST for your first date.The $160.00 includes the introduction fee, a FREE BAR (OPEN BAR) for you and your lady, FREE UNLIMITED TREATS for the both of you and and a personal server. At a restaurant or cafe you do not know your cost until the bill comes.You also do not know what your tip will be at a restaurant or cafe, with using our office there is no tipping!Most men also pay for the meal and drinks for there translator at the restaurant or cafe. You would not have this expense by using our office for your first date.

(All first dates will be made after 6pm (M-S) or Sunday after 12pm in our office)

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